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  • Flowing maxi skirts range from 100cm/39'' to 110cm/43''. If you need a longer skirt, please contact us and we'll see if we're able to make it for you.



    All flowing skirts come in one size that fits most (see the next section for more details).

    Most of them have an underskirt attached to the belt. Some skirts have a deep cut, those are marked as "slit". Slit skirts come without any underskirt  and should be worn over your own mini skirt, shorts or swimming suit.


    The width of the elastic band belt is ~69cm/27'' and as it stretches up to ~120cm/47'', it suits multiple sizes (UK sizes 8-14, European 36-44,  US 6-12, Australia 10-16). If needed, the belt can be easily alternated as follows*:


    If your size is smaller or you'd like to have a tighter fit, you can make a tiny hole** in the belt fabric and simply trim the elastic.


    If your size is bigger or you'd prefer a wider belt, you can make a tiny hole** in the belt fabric and replace the elastic band for another one in appropriate size (the maximal width of the belt is 120cm/47'').


    *Angel White slit skirt cannot be alternated without replacing the elastic belt completely since the skirt is sewn directly to the belt. So please make sure that the 69cm/27'' elastic belt would fit you before placing your order.


    **The hole should be on the inner side of the belt, this way it will stay totally invisible after any alternations.



    All currently available colors are presented on the website. If the color of your dreams isn't in our offer, please contact us and we'll see if we're able to find the material you're looking for.

    Disclaimer: color may slightly differ from photos due to photographic lighting sources or your screen/monitor settings.


    The hem of the skirts is mildly curved emphasizing the flowing effect.


    The flowing skirts are made of lightweight, sheer and airy polyester chiffon fabric.


    It's best to wash chiffon by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Soak for about 15-20 minutes then gently stir it around to loosen any dirt. Avoid a dryer (it can stretch and destroy the fabric) and let your skirt air dry naturally. To reduce the amount of ironing or avoid it completely, hang the skirt to dry with a hanger. At any time, you can reduce eventual wrinkles by hanging the skirt in a steam-filled bathroom and/or spraying it with some water. Iron if necessary by placing chiffon beneath a clean damp white towel. Use an iron on the warm setting keeping in mind that each pass of iron must last no more that 30 seconds.

  • Lilith Moon:

    "My first flowing maxi skirt was born as an answer to my quest for a picture-perfect outfit that complies with a dress code in the Middle East. I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find a maxi skirt that would be long, wide, light and flowing enough.. so I designed my own! This skirt turned out to be exactly what I needed, I loved it so much that I couldn't stop wearing it in Europe as well. I quickly realized that one flowing skirt wasn't enough for me, so I added more colors and started to experiment with deep cuts in front. Wearing beautiful maxi skirts makes me feel ultimately feminine without being too provocative. Depending on accessories, these skirts can totally transform their look from casual to formal. I mostly wear them in a casual manner with little tops, denim or leather jackets or over my swimming suit. For special events I go for fancy belts and statement accessories. What I love most about flowing skirts is that they help me to create romantic, dreamy and timeless photos that will never go out of style. A real must have on vacation when you want to capture some really magical moments!"

  • Choose the length of your flowing skirt according to your height and to the effect you'd like to achieve. For example, Lilith is 173cm/5.7feet and she wears 110cm/43'' skirts that cover her feet when she wears flat shoes.


    To make your maxi skirt appear even longer, wear it lower down on our hips with flat shoes.


    To make your skirt appear shorter, wear it higher up with a decorative belt and/or high heels.


    Feel free to get creative and customize your skirt according to your personal style, for example

    -  add a fancy belt or even replace the original belt with a simple elastic material that will make your waist appear even thinner,

    -  trim the underskirt so that the flowing skirt becomes see through,

    - remove the underskirt completely for a sexy beachy look, then wear it over your swimwear, shorts or a mini skirt,

    - add a deep cut on one side to expose your leg.

  • We ship from Europe with priority mail and depending on your location delivery usually takes


    Europe: 5-10 working days

    USA: 6-14 working days

    Rest of the world: 10-14 working days


    Shipping fee is €15.

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  • We hope that you love your skirt as much as we do, but if for some reason you'd like to return or exchange it, that is not a problem! Please check out return and exchange policy for more details.