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I said YES!

He stole my heart so I'm planning a revenge... I'm going to take his last name! Watch my wedding video:

This month's Favorites

Guerlaine's pearls of powder also known as Meteorites have officially stolen my heart! I'm not sure if it's the way the look, feel, or smell... The packaging is so beautiful that it's not just a storage for glowing shperes of light, it's a decoration for my bedroom! :) There's something about the smell of all Guerlaine products that lifts my spirits and makes me feel happy and pumpered. And if the word "luxury" had a smell, that's what I'd imagine it to be!

The Meteorites line also includes a beautiful makeup base that you can see in my photo. I don't know what's the magic behind this technology, but in the packaging the base looks like glowing spheres floating in a transparent substance, while when you pump it onto your hand, it transforms into a uniform liquid that glides perfectly over your skin and leaves it glowing with iridescent micro-particles that reflect light. Great to prepare your skin for further makeup or just make it appear fresh and fragrant.

There's also a foundation which leaves your skin looking nude yet evens out your skintone and hides minor imperfections. My new favorite for daily use when I want my makeup to remain discreet!