My story



My father is a scientist, my mother is a pianist, while I have merged their two personalities in one identity adding my own touch to it :) The subjects I was best in at school were sciences: maths, physics and biology. I even won several competitions! To me, science is what helps us understand and describe nature and the amazing world around us. For example, did you know that the most stunning natural patterns correspond to fractals, or never-ending mathematical sets that exhibit a repeating pattern displayed at every scale? Scientific laws are fascinating: they can be stated by observation and experiments yet they can never be fully understood. For example, gravity. That's what holds us on Earth, we learned how to measure it, but do we really understand how it works?

You see, I could totally be a science geek if the working environment was slightly more exciting... And if I didn't feel a need to do something creative and express myself through art of any form. When choosing my future profession as a teenager, I considered

1. Music. But I wasn't gifted enough to make it my career and didn't want people to suffer from my attempts.

2. Dancing. But it didn't seem to be a stable long-term job for me.

3. Acting. But it was even less of a stable job, impossible to succeed in without a huge talent or huge connections. Very stressful and competitive too. I actually did go to an acting school, but I could write a book about nasty stories that happened to me when I tried to find an agent. Being unable to compromise my ethics and values, I gave up on that profession.

Finally, I settled for getting a degree in IT and kept all the artistic activities as hobbies. I joined an awesome dancing group, we were practicing in the evenings and performing on weekends. It was simply fantastic! Unfortunately, when I went to study in Milan, I couldn't find such an amazing group in Italy, only courses that didn't result in any proper performances and weren't advances enough for my skills. Instead, I started part time modeling. Participating in beauty seminars, workshops and fashion shows, I learned a lot of beauty tricks from the world’s best stylists.

After Milan I continued my studies in Paris and here too, I kept on modeling.


YouTuBe love story


One day I discovered YouTube beauty community and noticed that there was a huge demand for beauty tutorials, especially on hair and makeup. I felt like I had a lot to share and couldn't resist my calling to create my own YouTube channel. When I was a teen, I was dreaming about gorgeous hairstyles. I'd give a lot to learn a couple of a hair tricks, but no one was willing to share their beauty secrets... They were a kind of a personal signature that no one wanted to reveal unless mildly tortured ;) So on my YouTube channel I wanted to create a beauty resource for girls who wanted to have pretty hair, but just like myself some time ago, did not have a clue about how to go about it.

My first YouTube channel was in English and it turned out to be a huge success. Once I reached 1 million subscribers, I decided to launch my second channel in French and my third channel in Russian. Currently I have over 2 million YouTube subscribers all over the world and feel thankful to each and every of you for your support!

These days I get to travel a lot visiting many beautiful places, so I make sure to share my experience with my followers on social networks. My Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts are about my lifestyle and travels.


My style


My style is a way to say who I am without having to speak.

Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with gorgeous thick hair that I always dreamed about, but fortunately I have my Glam Time Hair extensions that allow me to wear my hair in countless ways. With them, no hairstyle is out of my reach!

Clipping the extensions in/out takes just a couple of minutes and they don't damage my hair since I can remove them at night and wash separately.

My extensions are by far my favorite accessory!

Many girls ask me how do I keep my own hair so silky and smooth, but the truth is that I never do anything to get that look.

It's a side effect of having super thin and absolutely straight hair. It might be shiny and soft, but it has no volume, no texture, it's very slippery and hard to style.

To create nice hairstyles, I usually need to add texture to my hair either with special styling products or by curling it.

My favorite way to curl my hair is by using Jumbo Curlers - hair rollers that curl your hair overnight while you're asleep.

Heatless curls always last longer than those obtained with high heat tools, they save you a lot of time and don't damage your hair.

When it comes to clothes, I'm one of those few girls who hate shopping... Perhaps it's because clothes that I truly like are either not in fashion or not available. Trying things out feels like a workout (and I'm a lazy person when it comes to repetitive activities) plus I can rarely find what I'm looking for. Ironically, when I was a teenager, I liked everything, but couldn't afford anything. Now I can afford most trendy things, but I just don't want many of them in my life. Getting that perfect something feels like treasure hunting!

Eventually I came up with a solution to most of my style problems: I found a tailor and started designing my own clothes, mainly skirts and dresses! As the old saying goes:


Ironically, I never saw myself as a designer (only when I was 10 and was making clothes for my Barbie doll) so it came as a huge surprise when people started asking me where could they buy my clothes. Many ladies told me that I should open my store, they kept on saying how much they'd like to have my skirt in their wardrobe. At first I didn't take these suggestions seriously, but as they continued, I started thinking of how could I make it possible. Finally, I decided to create this website and offer some of my tailor-made garments to answer your needs. Click here to discover the current selection. Hope you'll love them as much as I do!

I'd love to know your feedback, so please feel free to send it over! The offer of garments will be changing over time as I plan to add more models depending on my ideas and your requests :)